Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hill, the AMAZING Hill

Okay so there is this hill down the street. But the thing is, its not really a hill. It's some type of magical mystical grassy slope sent down from the heavens and brought to where we live. It'''s AMAZING!
We've been taking walks past that hill since summer, but we've never got the nerve to ask the owner of that hill if we could simply just roll down it (because it looks so appealing and fun to roll or slide down). So recently, we finally got up the nerve to ask the person, "HEY! LET US ROLL DOWN THAT HILL!" Actually we didnt really say that, I'm just saying that for dramatical emphasis. What we really said was, "Hi, um, we were just wondering if, um, we could maybe, um, roll down your hill." The person did not speak english so we had to make hand motions to go along with our sentence: "Like rollllll, you know? ROLL?"
But anyways, look at the pics of us rollling down that AMAZING hill

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